Our cycling friends,

Our bicycle festival which will be the 6th year will be Yıldırım Kamping in Tekirova, Kemer district. Organized by Antalya Bicycle Festival Association ANBİFED, our festival fee is 190 TL and includes a festival jersey, accommodation in the camp site and three meals and catering services.

Our festival will be officially opened on Thursday, September 28 at 15:00 and will end on Sunday, 01 October. Our course consist of Alacasu-Göynük canyon (66 km), Çıralı-Olympos (56 km) and Phasalis-Kemer-Taşköprü (57 km). Our courses are suitable for road bikes (there are 300-400 meters of damaged surface at the entrance of the Göynük canyon). During the tour, possible accidents, injuries, major faults that can not be done on the road, etc. Healthcare teams, technical support crews, motorized officers and vehicles will be at your disposal for all kinds of difficulties during the tour. In tours, instead of pioneers / rearguards; cute maps will guide us for stopovers, destinations and timelines. In addition, we, the members of the festival committee, will be with you whenever you are pedaling, chatting, eating, shortly every possible opportunity.

As you will see from our maps given to you during registration, our time planning is quite flexible. In this way; We will pedal, photograph, relax and have a pleasant tour as much as we want until lunch time. We look forward to all our cycling fans to be able to pedal with the pleasure of you at the most beautiful time of our Antalya. We remind you that our registrations will be start on 24.07.2017, Sunday at 00:01

Antalya Bicycle Festival Committee - ANBİFED



  • You can enter the campground on the evening of the 27th of September at the earliest, but our meal and refreshments services will start on Thursday evening, September 28th.
  • The festival ends on October 1st, Sunday and you can stay in the camping area but we do not have breakfast service in the morning.
  • We would like to remind our attendants who transfer by bus once again. If you buy your bus tickets as Kemer Bus Station, you can reach the camp site more easily. Kemer Bus Station - About 15 km from the camp site, Antalya Bus Station - About 50 km from the camp site.
  • The latest shuttle vehicle from Tekirova to Antalya and Kemer is 22:00. Apart from that there is no public transportation possibility.
  • Once again we would like to remind our attendants who will come to the campsite by bicycle and pass through the tunnels very carefully. Our Association has informed the Regional Directorate of Highways and Traffic in relation to the issue and we ask you to pass through the tunnels collectively and as carefully as possible.