INTERNATIONAL ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL Certificate of Acceptance and Exemption of Risks

During the bicycle festival organized by the 'International Antalya Cycling Festival Association' and the organizing committee between 18 - 21 October 2018, In all events, neither myself nor my family, my inheritors, or my deputies, nor any other person, because of injury, death or any kind of physical harm that may arise when using my own materials or equipments belonging to different persons, I accept that I have exempted ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION and its employees, officers, directors, officers, contractors or persons / organizations that have worked with it, from any liability arising from the trip.

I declare that I am fit for the pre-conditions and especially for the health of the festival activity organized by the ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION and the organizing committee.

I also acknowledge that there may be injuries that may occur in all kinds of natural and climatic conditions on festival courses and / or during the festival courses and that there may be injuries which may be life threatening and that there may be danger of injuries which may require urgent or later treatment not to be limited to them.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any rescue, eviction or medical expenses arising out of my participation in the 'INTERNATIONAL ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL' either directly or indirectly, all expenses are my responsibility; I clarify it here and accept it. 'ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION' reserves the right to change for any reason (weather and marine conditions, technical malfunction, insufficient participation, etc.) for sightseeing or trainings.

The participant reserves the right to prevent the person or persons concerned from continuing the trip if the safety of the trip, the health of the other participants, the festival's trouble-free operation and the threat to the taste are threatened by ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION. In case of such rejection or cancellation ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION and the organizing committee do not have to make any payment or transfer.

I agree that the following conditions apply to ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION and any dispute that may arise in my search.

Any problems that may arise between the parties shall be dealt with, interpreted and resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

The participant can not claim compensation from 'ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION' and the organization committee under no circumstances and conditions.

Acceptance of Risks

I accept risks and risks that may arise during trips to distant, remote, and off-site locations where injury, delay, and unexpected events may occur as a participant. In addition to these, I am an adequate nature / cyclist and provide the experience, knowledge, equipment, skills and other competences necessary for the festival / event; I also declare that I have information about the festival / event specification / rules.

I know that I have to stay within the boundaries determined during the 'INTERNATIONAL ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL' by taking the reminder and warning.

I am aware that group travel and movement may always require adaptation to different destinations, travel destinations, personalities and physical capacities of group members.

I was informed that the group leader was able to act in the direction of good faith, honesty and authority and could make decisions for group security and that the decisions taken would not provide personal satisfaction, but that the whole group was necessary for security.

By signing this document, I accept my responsibility for my own safety and I am exempt from the 'ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION' and organizational committee from any responsibility in the sense of the greatest authority granted by T.C.

I am responsible for all the responsibilities, such as any personal injury, material and spiritual harm and irregularity and death due to carelessness; I am fit for psychological, physical and all other matters and I do not have any special medical needs I am responsible for medical and life insurance and eviction costs, I agree that the foregoing paragraphs are fair and reasonable limitations on damages that may arise.

I have read this text completely and understood it.

The provisions of this document are not merely oral but constitute a contract. I declare and accept that the Risks Acceptance and Exemption Certificate is a contract between myself and the 'INTERNATIONAL ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL' and / or its related organizations and that I have signed it on my own volition.

Renunciation for Photos/ Videos

I authorize and grant the permission of the 'ANTALYA BICYCLE FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION' officials to take photographs or videos during trips, training and activities, and I waive all my rights for such photographs.

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