I don't want to camp. Can I still participate in the tour?

• No. The event is organized in a way that participants will stay in the camp.

I do not join the tour but can I join the festival?

• Unfortunately our festival only for the biking tour participants 

I will come to the camp site by my car. Is there a parking lot?

• Yes, there is a  parking lot at the camp site.

Is there mechanical/technical service for bikes at the camp site?

• Yes. Tarkan bike companies will help you. (extra charge)  But yet, you had better have your bike serviced before coming to the camp site.

Is the camp site secure? Can I leave my personal belongings at the camp site?

• Yes, there will be camp site security of Metropolitan Municipality on site at alltimes. But we advise you not tobring valuable stopose risk.

Is there electricity at the camp site? 

• Yes, there is. However, there might be a problem about number of plugs due to broad participation. It would be good to bring your own three-pin plug. 

I am not trained in cycling at all. Could I participate anyway?  

• You should be able to cycle for about 6 – 7 hours. If you haven't cycled for 6 – 7 hours, the first day might turn into a nightmare for you.  Because pedaling, as well as sitting on saddle is a matter of habit. It would be quite painful for those who are not used to it. Also keep in mind that there will be long climbing routes.   

For your bike, youneed

• Handpump 

• Tyrepatch 

• Inner tube 

• Allenkey.

What should I bring?

• Tent –Mat- Sleeping bag - Bike Helmet – Water Bottle - Sweat-resistantlight –weightclothes- Gloves – Sunglasses- Cycling jersey/tight - Sunscreen -Raincoat

Whatshould I wear?

• Helmet – Gloves – Sunglasses - Sweat-resistant clothes for hot climate – Padded cycling tight

What is suitable and well-maintained bike?

• A bike with; properly working brakes, properly working gear, off-road tyres  A mountain bike or touring bike

Is there an entry fee to take part in the event?

• Yes, there is an entry fee.

What is included in the participation?

• One of the festival uniform, campind accommodation and three meals are included. Entry to historical places is not included.

What is the fee ?

• 225 TL